Evening Reflection - Questions to End Your Day Productivity

It’s preferred that you write these questions and answers in a journal so that you can review them at a later time or in the morning. The goal with these questions are to reflect on your day and really connect to your results. Instead of letting life pass you by, slow it down by understanding what’s working and not working on a daily basis. Allow yourself to identify patterns and habits that aren’t working and shift them immediately.

You do not need to ask yourself all of these question, rather they are just examples of the types of questions you can ask yourself. Feel free to experiment with them, and adjust them in order to fit your needs and what works for you.


What were my wins for the day?


What worked and didn’t work?


What am I grateful for?


What did I learn today?


Did I achieve my goals that I intended to?


What was in the gap from achieving my goals?


What will I do better tomorrow?


What do I want to create tomorrow?


What’s on my mind?

  • This question allows you to write down and release anything that is consuming your mind so that you can easily fall asleep and with less on your mind.


What do I love about myself?

  • This supports you in thinking positively about yourself, and build your self love. A huge component in a lack of action and progression is self sabotage. This starts with how you perceive yourself and what you believe is true. You’ve probably had your fair share of underestimating, down-playing, criticizing and blaming yourselves.

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