How to Overcome Mental and Emotional Blocks in Your Life

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How to Overcome Mental and Emotional Blocks

Are you a person who wants to create a great life? 

Do you want to have love, joy, success, happiness, amazing relationships and wealth in your life? 

But, you feel like there is something blocking you on a mental or emotional level?

This feeling of “self sabotage” or things not working out in your favor…

No worries, we’re here to support you!

Continue reading or watch the video so you can learn from an interview I did with Mark VanderGaag. Who’s a tranformational life coach for over 2 decades and has supported 100’s of people in stepping into the grand vision of their life. 

I started by asking Mark…

What are some ways people can start to discover their mental or emotional blocks?

Mark started by saying…

Number one, pay attention to your behavior and your actions. 

You have to understand that the behavior itself isn’t what’s blocking you. Rather, your behaviors are tools. They are mechanisms you’re using to protect yourself.

Let’s say behaviors like procrastination…

One of many different behaviors that can get in your way. 

We can say procrastination is really just your ability to wait. That’s all it is, procrastination itself is not the problem. It’s being misused. 

Sometimes it’s important to procrastinate or to wait, like you’re standing on the street corner and you’re about to cross the street and a big giant bus is coming by. It’d be better to wait. Right? You can say you’re procrastinating, you’re waiting. So, you let the bus pass and then move along when it’s safe. (In that case, procrastinating was a supportive thing because it kept you safe from getting hit by the bus)

But, when it comes to things that are part of your mindset, it’s going to serve all of those abilities, qualities and strengths and it’s going to use them to protect you or to block you across the board. 

So, the first thing you want to pay attention to is your behavior.


Number two, pay attention to your “placeholders”

If it’s procrastination or if it’s avoidance techniques like watching Netflix all night long. 

I call these things placeholders, anything that you’re doing in place of something else. 

Pay attention to what they are and know that they themselves are not the problem either. That you’re using those things as a way of protecting yourself. 

And then you could just say, 

Okay, so what am I actually afraid of?

Let’s say you want to be the the wealthiest entrepreneur that ever existed. Some people have that, you want to be the next Bill Gates or whoever and you have all these great ideas but you find yourself procrastinating avoiding the work or not doing the marketing or whatever other important things you need to do. 

Well the question is,

What am I afraid will happen if I actually get this thing I say I want? 

Because usually it’s fear oriented. So your mindset is telling you…

“Oh no no no… you can’t be successful in that because if you are, then you’re going to be in danger of this.”

Your mindset is going to want to protect you before anything else. And if you get to that like OK I’m doing this behavior I’m doing it because it’s a protection mechanism not because it itself is a bad thing. 

Once you understand that, you can ask yourself the next few questions:

What am I trying to protect myself from?

What am I afraid might show up if I get this thing?

What am I afraid I would lose if I get this thing?

Let’s say you wanted to have a great relationship and you’re out dating all the time but you keep sabotaging your relationships. 

You could ask, what am I afraid would happen if I actually did get the relationship, the woman of my dreams or the man of my dreams. What am I afraid might come with that? 

And you might say well I might. I think I’m afraid I’ll lose my freedom. 


So if commitment means loss of freedom it’s some place in your mindset in your limited mind, then the mindset is always going to win, it’s going to take you out. 

It’s going to prevent that from happening because it’s trying to save your life. 

Now, the mindset itself is made up a story that your life is in danger in some way. Yet, it’s not true. 

The only real way out of that from that point is to shift out of “mindset thinking”. 

Once you get clear about what it is you’re actually frightened of. 


Now that you know this, how can you overcome your mental and emotional blocks?

What’s the solution? 

How can I have both? How can I have the committed relationship and have freedom. And what you’ll always find the truth is they’re actually two sides of the same coin. You can’t actually have freedom without commitment. And you cannot commit without freedom. 

And it’s the same across the board with anything that seems to be in conflict. Right. And you get to back to the question of how can I have both… 

And the mindset has no answer for that. It cannot see you having both. It’s set up for right or wrong, good or bad, More or less, either or and there’s no way for it to get to anything else. 

It’s binary thinking and it’s always going to lean towards you’re in danger, you’re not enough. And all that stuff. So you have to slide out of that mindset into the “grand mind”. And there are numerous ways to do that, but that’s the first step to getting there. 


My response was:

Wow, that’s amazing. And when I first heard you say that when you were coaching me and our power cluster, I was so relieved that I can have the freedom and the commitment or the two opposites, that I thought were opposites. I can have both of them and my vision.

So, that was really a relief to me and it’s awesome to see that we are such abundant people and creatures and we can create an abundance of things that we might not believe at the moment but in reality we have a connection to everyone and to source, this grand mind, that we can generate so many things that we don’t even know is possible for ourselves, at this moment. 


Mark continues by saying:

And that’s the power of a power cluster because in the cluster you’re joining together with seven other like minds, eight people total, joining together with them and you’re immediately accessing the grand mind.

You immediately access that anytime you sit in a group of other people you automatically have access to that. 

In fact, there’s been studies done on this. 

If you sit together for at most 10 minutes in a room with at least one other person and your brain is vibrating, pulsing at a certain rate. It will start to pulse at the same rate as the other person’s brain. You go in sync and at that point you get connected with that person.


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Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing you overcoming your mental and emotional blocks so you can create the life your truly want!

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