Morning Clarity Questions for Productivity

It’s preferred that you write these questions and answers in a journal so that you can review them at the end of the day or over time. The goal with these questions to generate clarity for your day and re-focus your attention on the things that matter most to you. Allowing you to break free from reaction, and actually put you back in control of your day.

You do not need to ask yourself all of these question, rather they are just examples of the types of questions you can ask yourself. Feel free to experiment with them, and adjust them in order to fit your needs and what works for you.

What is my vision and purpose?

  • Why am I doing what I’m doing?
  • Who am I doing it for?
  • What is the vision I will continue to manifest today?


What am I creating today?

  • What is my intention for today?
  • Who do I want to be today?
  • What am I excited to create today?
  • How can I make today great?


What are my top goals for today?

  • What’s 1 result I can achieve today that will move me closer towards my vision or goal?
  • Are these goals a reaction to my week or day, or are they proactive towards my long term goals and vision?
  • What’s the ONE Thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything will be easier or unnecessary?
    1. For my Health and Fitness?
    2. For my Wealth and Business?
    3. For my Love and Relationships?
    4. For my Happiness and Fun?


What am I grateful for?

  • Who am I grateful for?


Who can I ask for support from, in order to achieve my goals faster?


Who can I be of service to?

  • What value will I bring to others?
  • How much value will I bring to others? (getting specific)
  • How can I give back today?


What has been on my mind that I can clear up today?

  1. Who can I forgive today? (Can be yourself or others)
  2. What am I holding on to?

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