10 Productive Mindset Shifts for Business and Personal Life

Productivity Mindset Shifts for Personal Life

Non-conventional productivity mindset tips that apply in your work, business and personal life.


These underestimated mindset shifts will test your true beliefs and might make you uncomfortable. 

But, it might be the missing piece to your limitless life and productivity…

1. I Am The Creator Of My Life & Business

This is one of the most powerful mindset shifts that has greatly supported me in my life. When you shift your mind into being a creator, instead of a reactor to life, you put yourself in the driver seat and get back your power.

What does it mean to be the creator of your life?

In this scenario, it simply means that the thoughts, decisions and actions you make are 100% up to you. In every moment you can make a new decision and totally change the way your day looks. 

Why? Because you are the person in charge of yourself! 

You cannot control things outside of you, but you can control how you react and respond, how you overcome challenges, what things you give energy to, what you put into your body and many more.

The results you currently have in your life are what you’ve created, whether you’re aware of it or not. 

Therefore, you are constantly creating your results and reality through your thoughts, decisions and actions.

You are the owner of your life, so with that being said, you can intentionally create what you want every single day by being intentional with your life, work and business.

First, figure out what your vision and purpose for your life and business is, so you know where you’re going and you can track your productivity towards it.

It’s your time to create and sculpt your life by painting on a blank canvas, the life you truly want.

2. I Am Responsible For My Results

One thing that can truly change your life is shifting into the responsibility mindset. This is a huge productivity mindset shift, if you truly understand it.

Understanding that you are responsible, in many ways (if not ALL ways), for the results in your business, health, fitness, relationships and everything else.

You are the source of your results and you are usually the source of many things that are created (or not created) in your life.

I want you to think of the last time where something didn’t go right… (In your relationship, business, health, etc.)

  • What did YOU do in that scenario that caused that problem to occur or get worse?
  • What could you have changed, that was within your control? Including what you said, what you did, what you assumed, how approached the situation, etc.?
  • What could you have done in order to get a better result or maybe even avoid the problem overall?

If you found something that you could have changed, that’s great! 

You are starting to see that you have responsibility in that problem occurring and have the ability to avoid it next time.

Now, apply this mindset to any scenario in your life. You’ll be able to identify your contribution in the outcome, just as much as the other person you might want to blame.

Don’t be that person who gives yourself credit and takes responsibility when everything is going right, but as soon as problems start to occur, you’re quick to blame other people or things. 

Too many people are quick to blame externally for their failures and problems, rather than pointing their finger back at themselves. 

Well, with this specific mindset, I’m saying to take 100% responsibility for your results. Whether you are failing or you are winning. 

The quicker you can do this, the quicker you will be able to change your results and productivity in all areas of your life and business. You will no longer be a victim to what happens, rather an owner of them. 

Once you OWN YOUR RESULTS, you can actually change them. Until then, you are chained to your problems, results and your life will rarely change. Mainly because you’re giving your power and results away to others, if it’s their fault. It’s no longer in your control.

Here are some example questions you can ask yourself if you’re unhappy with your results….

  • What is not working with my approach?
  • What was missing in my leadership that my team is under performing?
  • What can I adjust within myself, to create better results?
  • What was missing within me that caused a client to stop working with me?
  • What can I do to improve the results of my team and business?
  • How am I responsible with my unhealthy lifestyle? What can I do better?

All of these are starting by looking at yourself first, not others first. Once you’ve acknowledged and adjusted yourself, then you can start to look externally and see what’s not working outside of yourself and find solutions there as well.

To close it off, this is a quote from Jim Rohn, who was one of the most successful personal development trainers in the world.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

3. I ACCEPT & Learn From Failure

This mentality will set you free from putting a box over yourself and holding yourself back from achieving the results you really want.

First, we have our own failures:

If you’re not failing at all, you’re going too slow. You learn more from failure than you’ll ever learn from success so charge forward towards your goals relentlessly. 

Shift your mind from being perfect, having control and thinking every scenario will work out exactly as you planned, rather be willing to go fast enough that there are failures on the way. Then, as failure and challenge come up, embrace it and use it as a tool to succeed faster.

Fall in love with looking at everything as an experiment and understand that failure does not mean you’re a failure, it just means that the experiment failed and you need to change your ingredients.

Next, we have the failures of others:

The power of having a mentor, coach, trainer and learning from others is that you can avoid mistakes and failures that can eat up your valuable time. If you can find someone who has the results you want, you can learn from that person’s failures so you don’t have to make them.

I found this to be so powerful and true! Don’t only rely on your own failures, rather leverage other people’s failures so you can achieve success at a faster rate. 

We have so many ways we can do this through personally developing ourselves. 

  • Reading books
  • Going to trainings
  • Buying online courses
  • Watching videos or reading blogs
  • Connecting with like minded people on social media
  • Getting a personal coach or mentor
  • and so forth…

Don’t wait, start today!

4. The “Whatever It Takes” Mindset

This mindset is very powerful because it puts you into a state that is willing to go outside of your comfort zone and beyond your limits. As they say, nothing great happens in the comfort zone! This means everything you want in your life that you don’t have right now is usually outside of your current zone of operation.

This mindset brings the warrior out of you so that you don’t allow any failure or no’s to stop you from getting what you truly want out of life. If you truly want a specific result in your life, most times you need to fight for it! 

As an example, no one is going to just hand you $1 million dollars for you to stay in your comfort zone… 

Just look at the most successful people, they do what most aren’t willing or are afraid to do. Therefore, they are usually the ones who achieve far more.

So, are you willing to do whatever it takes and adopt this mentality?

5. What’s Working Or Not Working

With this specific mindset shift you will start to eliminate guilt, shame, and judgement. 

Instead of thinking in right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative…

Consider thinking in the framework of it’s working or not working towards the result you want. 

This non-judgemental approach towards everything you do allows you to create space for far better results and stop judging yourself for when you weren’t productive or something simply didn’t work.

It’s a matter of really getting clear on what result you’re getting in comparison to what result you’re expecting.

So let’s say you’re marketing your business and you’re getting “bad” results. Instead of judging that result as “bad”, go back to thinking about it as an experiment and something that just didn’t work. The energy behind the words have changed and you can move forward productively, instead of getting hung up on guilting or judging yourself in the process.

Now, you’re able to start thinking of a solution to solve that challenge and continue to experiment until you create your desired result.

You can apply this to pretty much every area of your life and I encourage you to give it a shot! You’ll feel a totally different energy when saying “it’s working or not working” versus “right or wrong”.

Also, consider using this framework for when providing advice or feedback to others. You’ll come off supportive and non-judgemental, which will allow the other person to actual take in that advice you’re giving them.

6. I Attract What I Think

Some of the following ideas are based on the Law of Attraction, which can be a very deep concept. Feel free to learn more about this idea from Bob Proctor or reading/watching “The Secret”. 

Let’s see how we can leverage this mindset to create productive results in our life.

Let’s look at how what we think and how it impacts our results:

Have you ever noticed when you’re in a good mood, you’re positive and on point, you usually have more and more positive things happening to you?

Have you ever noticed when you’re in a bad or negative mood, you usually have more and more negative things happening to you?

Our brain and mind is a very powerful tool for attraction and awareness. It’s constantly being stimulated in many ways but it’s great at filtering the millions of simulants around us in order to create focus.

You’re constantly making the decision for what your brain filters out and what it focuses on through your beliefs, thoughts and emotions in either an unconscious or conscious way. When you’re thinking about something specific, your brain automatically starts to focus its attention on that thing or anything similar.

So, when you’re focusing on a negative scenario, it’s far more likely you’ll start to see and attract more of those scenarios into your life. 

Knowing this, you can actually take charge by shifting into a productive and positive thought process, allowing you to start to attract more positivity into your life.

The key is really putting your attention on this frame of mind and consciously making decisions that will support your vision and goals, rather than sabotage them.

7. The secret to living is giving

There are 2 types of giving:

First one, giving without any expectations in return

This can look like donating, doing a favor for someone, offering your products and services for free, and anything related. 

I found this one to be pretty astonishing in many ways:

First, your action of giving proves that you are an abundant being and even if you give, you’ll always make back more later.

Second, your selfless giving actually creates a ripple effect in the world and others. In a way where the universe in some magical way actually gives back to you in some form in the future. Sometimes through blessings we don’t even notice.

Second one, giving in order to exchange value

This looks can look like… 

  • Money in exchange for a product or service
  • Exchanging a product or service for another product or service
  • Any other way you’re exchange a valuable for another one.

This concept seems to be very simple and straightforward, but it works in miraculous ways. The goal is shifting your focus from what you are getting, and into what you are giving.

Consider asking yourself these powerful questions:

  • Am I giving enough?
  • What value am I providing or giving to the marketplace or to others?
  • How many lives have I changed or improved through your product or service? 
  • How valuable is that impact on their lives?
  • How much value am I providing? 
  • If I want to earn $100,000 in my business, am I providing at least $100,000 worth of value in some way? 
  • How can I provide more value at a bigger and faster rate?
  • How can I leverage a team, technology and other resources to get a faster result?
  • How can I give back to the people who supported me?
  • Who can I give to that is in a worse position than I am?

8. I, and the universe, is abundant

This abundance mindset is all about shifting your conversation from scarcity and lack-of, to abundance.

Most people have been programmed since birth, that money, time, and many other things are a scarce resource. Which can be an actual reality in people’s life at the moment. The challenge is that if you want to achieve anything abundant in your life, money is a great example, you MUST eliminate your belief that money is scarce, there’s never enough or that you’re “broke”.

This is what keeps people staying broke or capping out at a certain income. It’s their belief that they are that way and that’s the maximum value they can actually provide. When you believe you’re broke, it gets attached to your identity. Therefore, every time you attempt to get rich or wealthy, you fail or you’ll go up quickly and just as quickly, you’ll lose it all.

This example is very prevalent with people who win the lottery. Someone who is conditioned to earn only $50k/year, now all of a sudden has millions of dollars. The odds of them holding onto that money or making more of it is very rare.

And usually after a short period of time they end up losing all of it and in a worse position than where they started.

When I first heard this, I was very interested in learning more about it and how it’s possible. 

Well, what I learned is how our mind is like a thermostat for our results. If your thermostat is set to $50k a year, and you lower or increase dramatically from that number, most times you’ll easily go back to $50k a year.

What I’m suggesting is that instead of allowing yourself to believe you are capped at $50k or whatever number that is for you, I want to you consider a mindset of abundance. This is where you believe there is no limitation, rather there is plenty in the world, and that you can be successful and wealthy, and everyone around you can be as well. 

When you step into abundance, you’ll start to see a huge difference in your decisions and the results you achieve in your life.

9. I Am Willing To Constantly Grow

We are creatures of habit and we love comfort, safety and control. This sometimes holds us back from creating change in our lives, and stops us from our growth. 

You must shatter all the walls of your fixed mindset and beliefs that were conditioned since you were young, in order to start experiencing a new reality in your life.

There’s rarely any benefit to having a fixed mindset and belief. This can stagnant growth and progress in your life. Therefore, most people with a fixed mindset feel stuck and unsure on what to do next. They only know and believe something can do one specific way, therefore aren’t aware or believe in other possibilities. Or something that’s even worse is being aware to other possibilities but not believing you’re capable of doing it.

The truth is that in order for anything to change in your life, you must first change.

The key is you must be willing to keep an open mind, a mindset for growth, so that you can allow new ideas and creativity to flow through you.

You don’t necessarily have to take action on every idea, but you can ask yourself how that idea can bring value to what you’re already doing. With some creativity and action, you can take an idea that is totally irrelevant and make it a big success for you.

Also, another important point is focusing on how we must constantly to be growing internally in order to progress in our life. 

How many times have you or someone else expected a better result in your life without first growing internally?

“Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results” – Albert Einstein.

Think about how you can start to adopt a mindset of growth, so you can grow in all areas of your life. The fact that you’re reading this is a huge first step, now it’s time to take these ideas into action.

10. My Results Are A Reflection Of My Unconscious Beliefs

The final mindset shift, but definitely a game changer!

There are things that we consciously want, think and believe. But, the truth really comes out in your results. Your results will actually tell you what you truly believe, deep down, hidden in the unconscious mind. This is the mind that has been formed and has been storing information since you were born on autopilot. Sometimes even if we didn’t want it stored.

Here are some reflecting questions:

  • Have you ever set a goal, but your results came out dramatically different from what you wanted? 
  • Have you ever wondered why you’re not achieving what you want? 
  • Are you frustrated because you’ve been busting your butt to achieve something, but for some reason you’re having trouble achieving it?
  • Have you set fitness and health goals, but you find it difficult going to the gym or achieving those goals? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, then there’s a disconnect happening. Majority of the times if you have these patterns in your life, it’s a mindset disconnect. Your results are showing you that your conscious beliefs aren’t the same as your unconscious beliefs. 

What are your unconscious beliefs?

These are the beliefs that reflect your identity and how you perceive yourself. These control majority of your thoughts, actions and results that happen in your life.

It goes back to your internal programming since you were born. You have been conditioned to identify yourself in a specific way, with beliefs you might not realize you even have. These are deep unconscious mindset blocks that are stopping you from achieving your true potential and contradicting your conscious wants and desires.

Through this specific mindset, you’ll be able to filter through your current truth and beliefs and use them to identify the areas of your life you need to improve in order to achieve greater results.

Some powerful questions you can ask yourself:

  • What are the results I want and what am I getting?
  • How are these results a reflection of my mindset and beliefs?
  • What mindset or fear is holding me back from achieving results I want?
  • Where do those fears come from? (Looking back at your experiences or events in your life)
  • What internally is holding me back from achieving my wants and desires?
  • What am I holding onto that is keeping me in the same place?
  • How can I let go and come to peace with those events or experiences, where I will feel complete?

You don’t need to answers these questions now, but you can use them as a guide to support you in identifying your deep down and unconscious beliefs and mindsets that are holding you back.

Once you are aware of those beliefs, mindsets, fears and experiences that are holding you back, then you can start to make crucial changes by: Acknowledging, learning from and letting go of them.

When you do this, you will start to free your mind in a powerful way, opening you up to opportunities for new beliefs and results to take their place.

Now, it’s time to bring these mindset shifts into practice. Keep in mind a lot of these mindsets can sometimes take years to fully develop, so be willing to put in the time and work to make them your reality and truly live the life you want!

Thank you for reading! These are truly powerful mindsets that has supported my life is so many ways and will support you in many, if not all, areas of your life and business. Don’t forget to take action on these mindsets so you can achieve amazing results in your life.

If you have any questions or would like additional coaching around your mindset and productivity, contact me through the website!

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