7 Productivity Tips for Working At Home Effectively

Productivity Tips for Working at Home

Hey, good to see you here! Today we’ll be going over how we can make you up to 5X more productive while your work from home. Your ability to be effective while working from home is crucial because no one’s watching, so you’re far more likely to slack off…

For some reason, we are more okay with letting ourselves down, than if we had accountability from others. Therefore, we need to make sure that despite conditioned habits, you’re still staying FOCUSED, CLEAR and EXCITED throughout your day so you can access your maximum productivity.

Now, let me you ask you this…

Do you feel like your always busy, exerting a lot of energy and doing something, yet not so productive? 

If you said YES, than that’s awesome.

Why? Because you’re in the right place!

I’m going to share with you some simple yet FOUNDATIONAL principles that will allow you to truly have a breakthrough around your ability to be more productive and effective.

Let’s Get Started on the Productivity Tips for Working At Home:


The first productivity tip for working at home is that you need to sleep better! It’s so cliche, yet so neglected…

Most people can’t live without their coffee or caffeine in the morning. But, why do so many people need caffeine? And why are you even tired when you had 6-8 hours of rest?

It could be that you’re not sleeping right and your body isn’t fully resting at night.

The last thing you want to do is LOAD UP your body with caffeine if you’re feeling tired. That’s a temporary solution to a bigger problem. 

Also, high quantities of caffeine can actually increase fatigue and depression after it wears off. This means that it’s a temporary “high” and not so helpful for sustaining energy throughout the day.

I personally think that as long as you consume caffeine in a low to moderate way, there’s no problem with it and you should be able to fully function without it.

Once you’re in the stage of addition, you need to start to reduce it because it can also affect your sleep cycles and through you off, day after day…

It might seem like a small effect, but added up over the year, you’re losing out of 100’s of hours of productive sleep and work hours.

The question is, how can you sleep better?

  1. You want to shut off any electronics and blue light producing lights at least 1 hour before bed
  2. Give your body the appropriate amount of sleep (suggested 7-8 hours), but can vary by person. The key is that you need to figure your optimal time and stick to it.
  3. Your night routine will prepare you for optimal sleep because once you have a consistent routine, your brain will know when it needs to start shutting down and get into “sleep mode”. Lacking a consistent routine will confuse your brain and not really help you fall asleep quickly.

I’ll share with you more tips for a solid night routine below, so keep reading!


In other words, your morning routine needs to set the tone of you level of productivity for the rest of your day. The better your morning is, the more productive the rest of your day will be. 

But, what exactly can you do to set yourself up to WIN in your day?

In the morning, you want to set up your body and mind for maximum productivity and energy. 

I’ll share with you a few ways to optimize your morning routine for productivity, but I really think understanding yourself can help you develop a more personalized routine by adding and adjusting what works for you.

Morning Routine Productivity Tips:

  1. Do NOT go on your phone the first 30-60 mins of the day: This means no emailing, texting, social media, etc. Try to use this first hour of the day to really nourish and focus on yourself. This takes you out of the urge to be reactive and gives you time to really mentally prepare for your day.
  2. Drink plenty of water (32 oz is suggested, but depends on your weight and goals)
  3. Eat a light and healthy meal: The reason you want to keep it light is to not overload your body with too much food to process so you can sustain your morning energy. Eating vegetables and fruits in the morning are a great way to do this. Eating meat is not optimal since it takes a long time for your body to process it. Be mindful of how you feel after you eat your meal. Do you feel energized and good? Or are you feeling sluggish and lazy? If it’s the second one, you need to try something different. That means really seeing how your body reacts to different foods and finding your sweet spot. The bottle line is, your food is your fuel, don’t give your Lamborghini body cheap fuel, or it will break down.
  4. Motivate yourself by recalling your Vision, 6-12 month Goals and your purpose/why you’re doing what you’re doing. You can also use music and motivational videos to support in motivating you in the morning.
  5. Movement: You want to make sure you get in at least 10-30 mins of movement, like exercising or going out for a walk (especially if you plan on staying inside all day to work from home). This will get your blood and energy flowing. 
  6. Personal Development around your work is a great way to ignite your growth and progress, which will motivate you to get started and have the urge to start to apply the new things you’ve learned. 


If you’re ready to be immensely productive while working from home, I recommend that you start with the toughest, yet MOST IMPACTFUL and productive task first!

Think about your most productive task in a way that…

If it’s the only task you did today, you still would have made a big impact on your productivity.

So, ask yourself every morning:

“Which one of my tasks will create the biggest impact in my work today?”

Then, do that first!

The reason it’s best to do it first is because when you’re refreshed and energized after your great sleep and morning routine, it’s a lot easier to actually complete. But, if you leave the toughest task until the end, you are more likely to procrastinate it. Especially, if it’s an uncomfortable or stretchy task for you. Which is always needed so you’re constantly growing.

An example of this is:

How people are far less likely to go to the gym after work or in the evening because they’re already exhausted and their energy and willpower is far less than in the morning. So they naturally want to postpone it…

We definitely don’t want this happening with your goals and impactful tasks. 

BUT, yes, there’s a but…

If you’re in a very resistant mood when it comes to starting, and it’s causing you to be distracted and not actually start at all, you might want to try this next suggestion.

With high resistance, a great way to do this is to start with the easiest things first. This will initiate your momentum and give you a quick win. Once you get started it’s easier to keep going productively.


This productivity tip for working from home is a huge one! Getting dressed for work, even while home, helps train your brain to separate your times of rest and work. When you get ready, your brain will get the indication that it’s time to work and naturally your motivation will increase.

Dress professionally, where you look good and like the boss that you are!

Because when you look good, you feel good. Which lifts up your mood for working more productively at home.

Try it out, and let me know how it supports you!


You want to eliminate distractions and generate a state of flow while working at home. This is the state where you get the most productive work done with full focus and presence. 

A few ways you can eliminate distractions & become more productive:

  • Start by turning off notification sounds on your phone.
  • Tell people around you that you’ll be working now and that you will talk to them after you’re done or on your breaks.
  • Log out of your social media accounts if you don’t need it for work.
  • Don’t respond to phone calls and texts right away, especially if you’re in the middle of an important task. Contact the person back at a time you’re available. Your productivity will dramatically drop if you’re constantly in response to others’ requests and schedules. Take your schedule and daily plan seriously, and don’t let others steal your time while you’re working.
  • Focus on 1 task at a time, multi-tasking is a myth because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time, consciously.
  • Time block your day, which is setting a time and time limit on each task.
  • Have designated times for responding to emails so you’re not wasting or distracting yourself with emails all day long.


One of the biggest time wasters when working from home or anywhere is when you lose things. Including your files, keys, papers and PASSWORDS… Oh man, what a pain in the butt that can be!

It’s best you create a habit of always organizing and reorganizing yourself on a daily and weekly basis so that you can easily find it in the future. 

Don’t allow yourself to clutter your computer and work space until you have no choice but to organize it. 

Instead, do it right away and make it easier for yourself to stay focused and productive.

I personally like using a cloud based storage system like google drive for my files because it allows me to backup my files in organized folders, and I can access it from any computer or phone while I’m on the go.

Similarly, be very conscious of cleaning and organizing your environment around you. If you’re working out of your room, or home office, make sure it’s clean. Your rooms state will reflect your clarity in your mind, and your mind will be consumed with the idea of “I’ll have to clean this later” the entire day.

This is called an “incomplete”, which can take up your mental energy for as long as it’s incomplete for. The more and bigger incompletes you have in your life and business, the FASTER you will be mentally drained. Causing you to feel exhausted before you even start any work…

Therefore, make sure you COMPLETE any incompletes, big and small, so you can start fresh every single day.


One of the biggest things that can throw you off in your day is saying yes to any request or need from people around you. 

This causes you to react based on others needs, which can throw off your plan or tasks you’ve already created for yourself. 

Instead of saying yes right away, give yourself a moment to think about whether or not this is truly urgent and important to do right now. And if it’s worth shifting or delaying your prioritized tasks until a later time, for this new request.

Keep in mind, some things that seem urgent or important at the moment, aren’t actually and it’s best to say no and save yourself from getting off track. This will support your productivity and focus immensely, and you will see a difference in your stress levels as well.

This helps with eliminating distractions dramatically.


A night routine is a great way to end the day because when you do it consistently, it will prepare your bed for sleep so you can fall asleep right away and get a restful sleep.

Night Routine Productivity Tips:

  1. Put your phone away 1 hour before bed. The blue light of your phone can interrupt your sleep because it signals to your brain that it’s day time and you should be up, which slows down the production of melatonin, which supports in the regulation of sleep cycles.
  2. Journal about your day: including what worked, what didn’t work, what you learned and how you will improve moving forward. This allows you to learn about yourself and how you work, and helps you grow. 
  3. Try a “brain dump”, this is the process of putting out all your thoughts, reminders, ideas down on paper so you can come back to them later. This will support you with thinking less and not feeling anxious that you’ll forget it.
  4. Meditate to put yourself into a relaxed state, slow down your running thoughts and get connected to your body.
  5. Focus on taking care of yourself and giving yourself some quiet time
  6. Planning and prioritizing your goals: I highly recommend that you plan your day the night or day before (after you finish your day’s work). Make a list of things you need to accomplish tomorrow, then identify your top 3 and then your top 1 goal. Prioritizing your goals based on importance and biggest impact. Planning the night before will actually give you a reason to get up early and help you in jumping into ACTION faster. Also, another powerful thing is that your mind will work on processing that plan overnight, solving any problems and start to generate better ways to get it done by the time you wake up.
  7. Lastly, doing positive affirmations to override negative and overthinking before bed. The reason this works well is because when you listen to affirmations, you’ll naturally want to repeat the words in your mind, replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones.

That’s all for now! I hope you got a lot of value from this post. More in-dept and supportive content for each individual tip will be coming soon…

NOW, the real question is…

What are you going to do with this information?

You don’t have to try and tackle everything at once, rather choose 1 thing and make that shift today. 

Then, as you’ve consistently done that 1 thing, you can add a new one.

If you’re ready to ACCELERATE your life…

Contact us today for coaching and training for transforming your life and creating the life of your dreams! 

Don’t wait… Tomorrow isn’t promised.

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