Are you ready for a reboot in your life?

This program is for anyone who wants to completely reboot their life in any of these areas – career, vocation, health, wealth or relationship.  Having a life that is fully expressed, living your passion & purpose, fulfilling your dreams & desires and achieving your top goals, projects & objectives is what we all really want! The Power Cluster provides daily coaching support, a devoted team that has your back, and a powerful container to incubate your vision. AND – The Radical Reboot Power Cluster has a track record of doing all of that in just 6 months.

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Take your life to the next level with a Life Coach and this POWERFUL 6-month coaching program.


  1. 8 members and a professional life coach
  2. 90 minute weekly live Zoom meeting trainings facilitated by Mark V.
  3. 3 to 6 individual 1-hour Radical Reboot Coaching Sessions with Mark V.
  4. Daily 20 min. Co-Coaching sessions with Accountability Partners 3 to 5 days a week
  5. Daily support and access to the Power Cluster team messaging app
  6. Proprietary Processes, Structures, Systems, Assignments and Support Materials
  7. Lots of Love, Respect & High Expectations


  1. You will feel excited, passionate and powerful
  2. You will shift from the “mindset” orientation of living in the problem and at the effect of circumstances to living as Cause, connected to and guided by the “God Vortex”
  3. You will learn the Mind Master Manifestation Principles that amplify your power, support you in breaking through the mental and emotional blocks to your brilliance, and free you to produce your objectives with ease and grace
  4. And then – You WILL bring your goals, dreams and vision to fruition


Along with your fellow cluster members you will be coached through implementing the dynamic Laser 8 Focus Funnel process that naturally and swiftly manifests your Grand Vision through the power of laser focus.


  1. The 4 Worms Clarifier & Structure for Success,
  2. The True You Vision Quest,
  3. Grand Vision Magic Wand process,
  4. Defining your Primary Goal,
  5. Clarifying your 6-Month Objective,
  6. Developing your Big Project,
  7. Establishing your High Impact Action Plan,
  8. Generating & Executing your Daily Firmly Committed Actions


Free Breakthrough Coaching Call

About Mark Van der Gaag

Your Life Coach and Facilitator for the Radical Reboot Power Cluster.

Mark Van der Gaag has helped hundreds of people stretch into the grand vision for their lives over the past two decades.

As a passionate transformation coach, dynamic speaker, and successful entrepreneur, Mark works with achievers to evoke extraordinary success by creating a safe and well-structured space for exploration, collaboration and transformation.

As the Founder of CorePower Coaching and his signature program, the Radical Reboot Camp & Cluster, Mark supports those who are ready to take it to the next level by helping them:

  • Get absolutely clear about their Vision.
  • Breakthrough the blocks to their brilliance.
  • Take the actions necessary to massively manifest their Vision in a tangible and profound way.

Mark worked closely with Marianne Williamson and the Global Renaissance Alliance (Now called The Peace Alliance) training and establishing peace circles around the world and personally facilitating thousands of hours of vision teams committed to fostering a worldwide culture of peace.

Additionally, Mark trained with Debbie Ford at the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching where he earned his Master Coach certification in 2001. He is a Reiki Master, received Shamanic Training from Don Miguel Ruiz, studied masculine feminine principles with David Deida, practiced creative visualization with Shakti Gaiwan, experienced fire walking with Michael Sky and is a devoted Course In Miracles student and teacher for more than 25 years. Consequently, he has experienced many miracles in both his personal life and in his professional work with his clients.

Mark’s eclectic approach and varied life experience were the primary motivators and inspiration for developing his unique coaching system and life reboot program which have proven to consistently generate miracles and transformation through radical renewal.

Are you ready to reboot your life?

Launch the new year with a bang! Power Cluster starts on January 20th, 2020.

Free Breakthrough Coaching Call