Why We Procrastinate Our Goals

– Do you procrastinate important goals?

– Health? Fitness? Business? Work?

– Do you want to be productive with your goals?


The good news is that it has nothing to do with “being lazy”!


First off, to set some context for this post, when I’m talking about procrastination here, I’m talking about for the goals that are important to us.

Goals we know can and will better our lives, but we still don’t do it.

Here are the examples I’m talking about:

  1. You have a “Million dollar” business idea, but you never take action on it.
  2. You know going to the gym will improve your health, fitness and overall make you look like a badass, but you seem to always procrastinate it, and would rather stay home and eat some chocolate cake and ice cream, and watch netflix for 5 hours straight. (hmmmm…)
  3. You want to find a great partner and relationship in your life, but you never go out to meet new people. Seems like you’re always putting it off because you “never have time” or whatever other excuse you have.

Alright, enough examples, I think you got the point.


Are you sick and tired of your procrastination and want to stop it once and for all? Okay, great! I’m going to show you how to eliminate it today, with just this article alone!

Alright, I’m kidding…


Here’s the truth:

Beating this type of procrastination is possible, but not easy for most people… Unless you make it easy 🙂 The way I’m going to support you in BEATING PROCRASTINATION once and for all, is like this…


Step 1: You must create awareness around why the reasons we procrastinate.

Once we understand why it’s happening, we can get to the source and then eliminate it. Kind of like if we see our belly is getting flabby, we can go to the gym and do ab workouts. Same thing! (Almost lol)

Step 2: I’ll provide you effective ways to eliminate this procrastination, not just suppress it. 

This is the work out. It can take weeks, months or years, depending on where you’re at and what you do about it. If you truly want to live a fulfilling, successful and amazing life, you’ve got to put in the work to get there!

Step 3: You need accountability partners that keep you on track

Join our Facebook group and get access to committed people ready to support you. This is where we can all keep each other accountable every single week! Feel free to share your challenges, your reasons, and the results you’re looking to achieve, so we can support you every step of the way!

Now, enough chatting around… Let’s get into the GOOD STUFF!!!

Reason 1 – Our mind is controlling us, and we aren’t doing anything about it…

Our mind is controlling a large portion of the automatic behaviors we have, including procrastination. According to Sigmund Freud’s Model the mind is divided into 3 different parts. Those 3 parts are called the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. But, the one that’s really causing the trouble here is the unconscious mind!

What is the Conscious mind?

It’s the thinking mind, it’s what we’re consciously aware of, our daily thoughts and our real time decisions. The key is that we can control the focus of our conscious mind.



  • Deciding what you want to do today
  • Processing what you just learned
  • Being aware that you’re drinking a cup of water
  • You thinking to yourself, “I am happy”, “I feel good”, “I feel bad”, etc.
  • You reading this blog post in your head


What is the Subconscious mind?

It’s the mind that runs in the background but when needed can easily access information. This means, your recent memories or information you use daily, your recurring thoughts, behaviors, patterns, habits, and feelings. One of the biggest values of the subconscious mind is that it allows our brain to exert less energy.



  • If someone asked you for your phone number, you can easily tell them from the top of your head without always having it on your mind
  • You went to brush your teeth and grabbed your toothbrush, you know to automatically go for the toothpaste without really having to think
  • Driving your car to work without having to think much on how to actually do it or how to get there


Now here’s the most important part:

The unconscious mind.


What is the Unconscious mind?

The unconscious mind can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s essentially a big database of all your experiences and memories locked away deep in your mind. It’s the “big boss” because it’s what creates and sustains our beliefs, behaviors, habits, attitudes, etc.

It’s part of the mind that takes everything in, good or bad, and stores it in that database that we can’t really control directly.

Through the experiences and memories we have from we were born until now, we become the way that we are. So our environment, friends, parents, teachers, mentors and experiences, all play a role in our unconscious mind and development, and in a sense “program” us to be a certain way.



  • You were raised in a very religious environment, so now those experiences and memories affect your beliefs and behaviors with everything else you do, unconsciously.
  • You were raised in a very positive and supportive environment where you were always supported when needed. Now you’re always positive, taking action towards your goals, believe in yourself, have a supportive team, and take bigger risks.
  • In school, you were constantly bullied and were always told you’re a failure or stupid. Therefore, you start to feel or think self conscious thoughts and start to isolate yourself, wanting to leave school right away, not opening yourself up to new friends or relationships. Which then continues into your adult life.
  • At home you were always spoken down to, never given the opportunity to speak your voice, always criticized, and never had any attention from your parents because they were always working. Now, you’re always seeking attention from others, looking for approval from everyone, you have become shy and you’re afraid of other people judging you.


These are just some examples of situations that could have happened and impacted your unconscious mind.

As I said before,

a lot of it impacts you the most when you’re a child or at a younger age, but it does definitely continue to affect you in your adult life, especially if a traumatic event or eye opening experience happens, which can override previous beliefs.


How does the unconscious mind cause us to procrastinate?


If you were born into a very unsupportive environment or had to be around “bad” influences:

where you were always told “you’re a failure”, “you’re stupid”, “shut up”, “you’re not good enough”, “you’re wrong”, “you’ll never amount to anything”… maybe at some point you started to believe them or it just automatically was ingrained into your unconscious mind, whether you liked it or not. This then impacts A LOT of the decisions and actions you take or don’t take.

Then, it starts to affect:

  • automatic behaviors
  • beliefs about yourself and others
  • perspectives
  • attitudes
  • everything you do moving forward

Now based on your unconscious mind, let’s say you’ve had the idea to start a business, but you always procrastinate taking action. One of the huge factors can actually be your beliefs of that “you’re a failure” and “you won’t amount to anything”.

In most cases,

we self sabotage ourselves without being conscious that those beliefs of “I’m a failure”, are dictating our behavior even if it’s not true. Instead, you might just say, “I’ll wait until I’m ready”, “I want it to be perfect”, “I’m too shy”, “I’m not a business person” or some other excuse that justifies why you shouldn’t start now. Which seem totally rational, but in reality it’s a defense mechanism from your deep down beliefs about yourself.

That’s where it’s the most dangerous and affects your life in a very autonomous way. You start drifting through life without even realizing you are playing it small and safe, taking the easy way, and being controlled by these limiting beliefs.

You end up doing the comfortable and safe things, which can just cause your life to be, less than amazing, joyful, successful, abundant, exciting, adventurous and fulfilling.


Here’s the good news:

Your awareness of what these recurring beliefs and automatic behaviors are and where they actually come from, will allow you to take back your control.

Reason 2 – Our Fears Are Making Our Decisions

Fear actually comes from our unconscious mind as well. We have been programed to be afraid of something based on our past experiences and memories. So if something tramatic happened when you were young or in your life, it can generate a fear moving forward.

An example could be a speech you presented in front of the class when you were younger and you messed up, you forgot what to say or people laughed at you and made fun of you. That moment can actually create a huge fear of public speaking moving forward because you don’t want that embarrassment to happen again.

Looping this back to procrastination…

When we’re afraid of something, it takes a lot more effort to go through with the task or goal, am I right? Maybe you just get so fearful that you “run away” because you feel so uncomfortable. So many things start to go through your head, you over-analyze the situation, you start to shrink down and feel like going back to netflix. And it’s totally understandable but if you’re going to let fear control you, you will not go far with your success or overcoming your procrastination.

Reason 3 – Lack of clarity in our vision and purpose

Lacking clarity around your Vision and Purpose can really cause you to procrastinate your important goals you want to accomplish.



When I’m talking about your vision, what I mean is your long term or dream goals. Your vision is your destination and direction. When you lack a vision in your life, career, fitness, relationships, you don’t know where you’re going or what the reward at the end of the tunnel is. Therefore, you won’t be willing to sacrifice comfort or the easy things for the risks and challenges of starting a business or whatever your goals and dreams are.



When I’m talking about your purpose, what I mean is your reasons to WHY you are going to do that project or want to achieve that goal you create for yourself.


A few examples would be, you’re doing it for…

  • Your family so you can support them
  • Financial and time freedom
  • Traveling the world freely and adventurously
  • Working for yourself and not having to deal with your annoying boss


This mean that:

If you’re lacking a vision and purpose in the different areas in your life, you will  continue to procrastinate because there’s nothing fueling your fire to keep you going and you’ll be unsure on where to go and what to do.

Reason 4 – Lack of Confidence in Yourself

I found that the lack of confidence to be a common factor in A LOT of the procrastination in my own life. If you don’t believe in yourself, you are easily swayed by how you feel, by comfort, what other people say about you or how other people will judge you.

Also, when you’re lacking confidence, you also put yourself in a box and create your own walls of limitations. Therefore, anything outside of that box you’re more likely to procrastinate and avoid because it creates discomfort.

Reason 5 – Lack of Focus

Our ability to be laser focused is so crucial to being productive and getting the most done in our day. But when we’re not able to focus on one thing at a time, we tend to do a lot of low quality or easy tasks, but never really get the most important goals done. And by the time you realize you didn’t do what you wanted to do at the end of the day, you’re already burnt out mentally to do any type of important work.


In this digital age:

we have access to so much information, instantly. We have access to people, videos, books, tools, games, courses, and much more, that it almost becomes addicting to go from one thing to the next instantly. Our conditioned need for instant gratification and reward has caused us to become more unfocused, easily distracted and always wanting something new or instant.


Powerful discovery (it’s important):

Every time you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or whatever Social medias you’re always on, you are actually draining your mental willpower because your mind is constantly making decisions rapidly when deciding if you like, dislike or what you think about the post you’re looking at.

You’re using up your mental energy to make those decisions, and you’re most likely more tired after taking a “break” on social media, than you first started. Besides the fact that you probably spend hours of your valuable time looking at what other people are doing, instead of focusing on the important project you have in front of you. Which you know can and will create many real life value, success and experiences you’re actually looking for.


This lack of focus plays a huge role in our procrastination because we’re too busy distracted by our phones and computers, that we push our important projects to the sidelines. Regardless if you’re getting distracted on your phone or just socializing, you MUST reclaim your focus back in order to eliminate your procrastination.

Those are the 5 psychological reasons why we procrastinate our important goals. A lot of these realizations really supported me in my own life and I only wish that at least 1 thing resonated with you.

Now that you’re aware and understand these reasons as to why we procrastinate, it’s your time to start catching yourself in your times of procrastination and start fighting back! This information is only valuable if you take action and apply what you’ve learned.

If you don’t, you will continue to procrastinate the things that matter most while time flies by. In the end, leaving you with a lot of regret and not much accomplishment!


Thank you for reading and feel free to…

  1. Comment what resonated with you
  2. Share with your family and friends

Take care and talk to you soon!

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