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The Unlimited Mind: A Better Approach To Mindset for Success

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Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs with The Unlimited Mind

After interviewing Mark VanderGaag, a Radical Reboot and life transformation coach, one of the first questions I asked him was:

What would you say is the importance of mastering your mindset for your success in your life and in your business?

You can watch the video or keep reading for what Mark said below.

Mark started by saying:

First, let me define what I mean when I’m using the term “mindset” because I have my own definition of some of these phrases that I use and it’s probably not what you would typically see in psychology. 

Limiting Beliefs within your Mindset

The way I look at it is that my goal is to help people shift out of the mindset that limits them and into the mind that is all powerful, and that has all the solutions.

And this idea of mind is a thing that’s much larger than your brain. And in which we are all connected. This greater mind is very powerful. 

While, a mindset is sort of a set of beliefs, ideas, interpretations, thoughts and judgments that lead to a belief system. 

And that belief system is typically very very limited. It’s actually designed to keep you limited. That belief system believes that you are limited and that you’re a small, a bag of bones and water that could easily pop if you slip off the chair. 

But, the mind knows that you’re much greater than your body, you’re much more than just this mindset that this set of beliefs. 

Also, the mindset is naturally limiting and it’s very problem oriented.

It’s constantly coming up with problems and is focused on the problem. It does not really know how to get to the solution. In fact, it is not at all really solution oriented and will think it found a real solution. But, the truth is it’s going to generate more of the problem. 

All the solutions it comes up with are coming out of a limited belief system. So it doesn’t really know how to access a true solution. And so it’s going to bring things to you that may seem to work in a moment but over time it is just going to generate more of the problem. 

So, I’m saying there’s a place to go with your mind that is outside the mindset. And the mindset is really a very very very tiny part of your mind. It’s just a set of beliefs tucked off in the corner like a little speck. 

But most of us spend all of our time there and we believe that’s who we are and that’s what the world is.

In fact, everything that we see outside of us all comes through the little filter of that mindset. And that mindset is designed to only see things in a certain way which will come up with the same answer every time. And the answer is that you’re not safe, you’re small, that you’re not valuable and that you’re vulnerable. 

But, the mind is saying no actually. You’re very big and you’re plugged into everything. You have the capacity to move everything when you’re coming from the mind rather than the mindset. 

Then, I went on to say:

Wow, that’s so powerful and I’d never thought of it that way until I started coaching with you or you coached me in the last six months where I started to think about in such a bigger way like mindset is definitely limiting and all of these belief systems that we are set to, we think they’re supporting us but in reality they’re limiting us in many ways so that’s really powerful.

Some final thoughts:

Based on what Mark was saying, to me this mind has unlimited potential. It’s not limited to any one belief or set of beliefs systems and allow us to access our limitless self. 

Once we truly realize they we are not separate from the world and other people, rather we are CONNECTED and we are ONE. Then, we can start to truly access it’s full power and will be able to achieve all the goals, dreams and aspirations we have for ourselves, our family and the world.

If you have any other questions for Mark regarding this topic, feel free to comment below or contact us. We’re happy to support you on your journey to your optimal life.

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