What is a Mental and Emotional Block?

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What is a Mental and Emotional Block?

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I asked Mark…

What does it mean to have a mental or emotional block?

He responded by saying…

Remember that the “mindset” is really designed to block you. Everything in the mindset is blocking you and it has a set of very limiting beliefs. 

Most of us come out of childhood or some experience you have when you’re a kid where something happens and you make it mean something to you. (Something meaning a specific situation that was a defining factor for a new belief or mindset about yourself or others)

And typically because you’re little kid, you’re dependent on these big people around you to keep you alive and safe that you tend to perceive things from the perspective of danger.

Therefore, we often interpret things in a way that tell us that we’re either in danger or that we’re small or not enough which then causes us to create ways of protecting ourselves from that belief. 

And those ways of protecting ourselves actually worked when you’re a tiny little kid and they were valuable during that time. But, as you become more adult, and grow into ourselves as adults, those protection mechanisms actually wind up blocking us. 

They actually wind up generating the very thing we’re trying to protect ourselves from because all protection mechanisms, all defenses, ultimately generate a reason to keep them.

These defenses create the thing you’re defending yourself against. And that’s what the mindset is constantly doing. (Since you are now filtering your life through this set of beliefs that are in your mind)

I call those blocks, the thoughts and beliefs. Those are mental blocks, they’re mental ideas that are holding you back. It’s all designed to try to keep you safe. 

And if anything seems to threaten you in any way, those things are going to engage and kick in, and it’s processed in your subconscious mind where you can’t really see. (Causing a lot of the actions or decisions we make based on those beliefs automatic)

I call them mental and emotional blocks because they’re very emotionally charged. 

They get their energy from your emotional state but those thoughts, beliefs and ideas actually generate your emotional state. 

So everything that comes into your purview, everything you see comes through that little tiny filter of your mindset then it’s going to say to you that this might be dangerous. Be careful. And then that generates that emotional state. 

Those protection mechanisms kick in. And so you’ll find yourself instead of doing work you need to do today. You’re working but you’re organizing your desk, doing your paperwork or vacuuming, thinking you’re actually doing something. But it’s just busy work it’s a way to keep yourself from actually moving forward towards the thing you want to do or achieve. That’s just a tiny little example of some of the things that we do. 


Then, I finalize by saying…

Yeah, absolutely! And it’s crazy, but this is probably the biggest reason why people procrastinate and are not productive or don’t achieve their vision. It’s because of these mental and emotional blocks that people sometimes don’t even know they have. 

It’s amazing that you talk about and get into the most important things when it comes to coaching and when you first start coaching with someone you go deep down really to the core of where all of this is stemming from, all these behaviors, habits and the things that we do to sabotage ourselves. Once we understand where these mental and emotional blocks stem from, we can change that seed and create new results that are gonna be huge from there. 

This is a really powerful uniqueness of Mark’s coaching compared to others.

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